By: Jevaunie Patterson Blood insignificantly, significant Blood meaninglessly, meaningful For it withholds some stories that are never even told In its watery liquid those stories are stored  Blood it paints the streets with sadness Blood it fuels the sick with gladness But to me blood describes its under looked self, For blood alone it’s meaningless […]


By: Jevaunie Patterson Planes were meant to fly but now they fall Crashing into the tides and disappearing from radars, By the hands of the devil’s servant themselves Those ignorant human being who are poisoned. Buildings were made for shelter but now they’re not safe For planes they crash sorrowfully  into them, Captained by the […]


By: Jevaunie Patterson Shackled by my love for you but where’s my freedom? For you’re gone and you’re never coming back So why am I shackled? I think it’s because you have my soul For I lost it by looking deeply like an endless well kinda deeply into your big sparkling brown eyes that you’d […]

Black Day

By: Jevaunie Patterson Black shirts, black dirt, black church, black hearse, black everything, The river is within and I’m drowning at the sea of your funeral While I shoot pistols of tears at your face ‘Cause you left me in the blue moon and it’s sunny now but I still can’t see you, I miss […]

My Head Kisses Your Stones

By: Jevaunie Patterson Your tempting justice I can’t resist While you smother my body with your acidic kisses And I know that they will burn my precious soul, But I stay silent. Your tasty lies I gulp down my throat  After I’m served the appetizer of your past relationships And I know that if I […]


By: Jevaunie Patterson  A drive that keeps you up at night While you lay on a cloud levitating up to the sky, Touching the stars and waving at the moon Greeting the planets for they’re your friends too A set of fireworks that ignites in your stomach That turns you into an extreme insomniac, Lost […]

Story of the Red Ocean

By: Jevaunie Patterson Little mister carries the earth on his head today While he searches for the moon in his gloom room But it’s right above his static head, so he’ll never locate it A ship shadows on his back as a leech Very close to his heart, mind and soul But he’s not in […]